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May 22

ICSC Global Retail Real Estate Convention

This past weekend, ICI had the pleasure of joining 37,000 industry professionals at the ICSC Global Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. This convention is three action-packed days of deal making and relationship building with professional development workshops and an abundance of networking opportunities.

Thanks to our Director of Business Development, Katie Mulrenin, ICI co-sponsored an incredibly successful networking event.  While sitting pool side at the Aria Resort and Casino, attendees were able to connect with new and familiar faces within the real estate development market while enjoying a beautiful atmosphere and the warm sunshine. Thank you to our co-sponsors, ECS, Bluestone Single Tenants, and Cage Engineering, as well as all of the esteemed colleagues who were in attendance Sunday morning.

Tim Jackson, ICI's VP of Operations, accompanied Ms. Mulrenin to the conference. His favorite part of the Convention was combining his passion for ICI with his love for the Vegas sun. Tim and Katie, along with the rest of the ICI team, hope to attend more ISCS events soon!

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January 29

New Director of Business Development Joins the ICI Team

ICI is pleased to announce that Katie Mulrenin has joined the ICI team in the role of Director of Business Development. Katie has nearly 20 years of experience building and cultivating client relationships within the real estate and construction industries. Katie will complement ICI’s existing business development team, allow the company to enhance working relationships with owners, developers, architects, real estate brokers and property managers and broaden our footprint within the marketplace.

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January 22

Integrating Technology into the Grocery Shopping Experience

While it appears that the brick-and-mortar grocery store has a secure place in the retail environment for the foreseeable future thanks to the importance of fresh produce to shoppers, among other priorities, this does not mean that physical stores have nothing to learn or gain from the world of digital retail.

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January 19

Why the Grocery Store has Become the Hottest Restaurant in Town

Grocery shoppers today are more conscious than ever of their time, and with so many options for grocery shopping available, their business will often be earned by the stores best able to accommodate multiple needs at once and provide a quick, convenient experience. One of the strongest ways to achieve this is by providing something that shoppers need to find a way to provide for themselves on any given day: dinner.

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January 17

How Fresh Produce Will Save the Brick and Mortar Grocery Store

Despite conflicting media portrayals, many American consumers are becoming more concerned with their health, and grocery stores must adapt to meet demand. The widened interest in healthy food is partly driven by cultural trends like organic, gluten-free, GMO-free, and others, but fresh produce is also on the rise for customers.

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