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February 23

Northern IL Real Estate Magazine features Mariano's Orland Park

Check out the February 2016 issue of the Northern Illinois Real Estate Magazine! The new Mariano's Fresh Market in Orland Park, Illinois is featured on the cover and ICI is mentioned on page 12.

Read full article below:

How much will it cost? How quickly can it be built?

These are two questions contractors are continually asked. ICI’s advice for those doing the asking: pick a construction partner with expertise in your project type and with whom you can build a strong working relationship and you’ll get those answers; more importantly: you’ll have confidence in the answers.

The planning and budgeting time period that takes place prior to construction is critical to successful execution in the field. Even at a project’s earliest stages (think napkin sketch), a dollar value and timeframe can begin to be assigned to a construction project. As the design moves forward and more information becomes available, the costs are refined and become more detailed.

At the earliest stages of a project when there is very little information available, ICI assigns a cost to a project based on two components: historical data and assumed or actual building square footage. ICI maintains a comprehensive database of bid and built work; from this database a cost model is developed and adjustments are made to fit the current program. This high level estimate is often used by owners, developers, brokers and/or architects to help guide design decisions and make sound financial decisions as the project moves forward.

ICI partnered with Bradford Real Estate Companies, Roundy’s, Inc. and architect, Camburas & Theodore, on the new Mariano’s Fresh Market in Orland Park [featured front cover]. The collaborative preconstruction phase led to a successful, timely completion of this 74,000 square foot store.

Elmhurst-based International Contractors, Inc. (ICI) is a process-driven construction management and general contracting firm specializing in commercial construction. ICI develops accurate cost estimates and construction schedules; ultimately allowing our clients to make informed, educated decisions.



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