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January 19

Why the Grocery Store has Become the Hottest Restaurant in Town

Grocery shoppers today are more conscious than ever of their time, and with so many options for grocery shopping available, their business will often be earned by the stores best able to accommodate multiple needs at once and provide a quick, convenient experience. One of the strongest ways to achieve this is by providing something that shoppers need to find a way to provide for themselves on any given day: dinner.

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January 17

How Fresh Produce Will Save the Brick and Mortar Grocery Store

Despite conflicting media portrayals, many American consumers are becoming more concerned with their health, and grocery stores must adapt to meet demand. The widened interest in healthy food is partly driven by cultural trends like organic, gluten-free, GMO-free, and others, but fresh produce is also on the rise for customers.

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January 15

Will Online Grocery Shopping be the End of Brick and Mortar Stores?

The future is here for consumer shopping and spending: widespread Internet access and use have paved the way for online shopping, and customers have responded. According to Nielsen research, in the United States, 8.1% of retail sales in the first three quarters of 2016 were online sales, and this number is projected to grow.3

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January 12

The New Premium Grocery Shopping Experience

With brand loyalty on the decline, grocery stores must continually find new ways to differentiate themselves and earn their place in customers’ shopping routines. A clear trend in the current retail environment is experiential stores: grocery retailers incorporating unique, premium-feeling experiences into their business models to lean into the idea that grocery shopping can and should be fun.

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December 22

The Decline of Brand Loyalty

While perhaps brand loyalty could once be assumed, mostly based on which store was closest to a given shopper or family, it can hardly be something that you take for granted in 2017. Nowadays, in large part thanks to increased access to competitors as well as online fulfillment options, the average grocery shopper regularly uses 5.4 different grocery retailers to meet their shopping needs.1  Meeting these needs most effectively in a changing world requires innovation. 

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