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February 23

Planning a School Construction Project?

Whether your new project is a renovation, expansion, new construction or life safety project; assembling the right players for your team is the most critical element to a school construction project's success.  Explore how lessons learned on a recent construction project can help you evaluate and select the right team by ensuring they can:

1) Maximize Curricular Improvement

2) Possess an Understanding of Educational Space

3) Can Evaluate the Impact of Material Selection


Warren Park Elementary-4.jpg

On Time. On Budget.
That’s the best your CM can do?

The Top Three Ways to Evaluate Your Construction Manager

Construction Managers will emphasize their “on time and on budget” project completion history as a critical evaluative component of their skills and accomplishments to a prospective School District. Shouldn’t that be a given, though? That’s what they’re paid to do. So, what are the true differentiators to evaluate when vetting a construction manager for your upcoming capital improvement project? This question can best be answered through lessons learned on a recently completed construction project:

Cicero School District 99 recently welcomed students into their newly-finished 3.5 story, 75,000 square foot facility, Warren Park K-6 Elementary School. The new construction Warren Park was completed in mid-July in time for the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

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